OWM Warehouse Consultancy

Careful consultation beforehand saves on installation costs, and is the only way to guarantee the smooth running of an automated warehouse.

Whether you are setting up new warehouse or thinking of revamping the existing one, warehouse is always a critical component and playing important role in your logistics and distribution operations and that means it has to be designed and developed in a way that it should get operated to maximum efficiency on a daily basis.

Our Supply Chain specialist and highly experienced warehouse and distribution centre consultants all have significant operation and management experience prior to joining OWM, and our team have enabled many manufacturing and others companies to set up their warehouse based on their today’s visible requirements and tomorrow hidden needs.

With more than half decades of expertise in warehouse operation and logistics, OWM solutions offer warehouse consultancy services that can help improve your business’s bottom line through more efficient warehouse operations, process and performance.

Our Warehouse designing approach mainly include:

  • Develop Warehouse strategy in light of Management Vision, Future Growth, Expansion & Stakeholders expectation
  • Warehouse existing and future needs assessment
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Warehouse Site Location Studies
  • Balancing Land cost vs. height utilization cost
  • Data Lowest area consuming and highest space utilization
  • Warehouse operation, marshaling area and material workflow design
  • Throughput capacity requirements in case of production line association
  • Warehouse Design, Layout, Storage Facilities & MHE
  • High HSE and Security standards
  • Modern technology with best automation level options
  • Storage solutions for each and every material type and material movement
  • Most storage & operation effective solutions
  • Lowest possible CAPEX & OPEX
  • Enabling high service level and customer satisfaction
  • Standard Operation Procedures & Training
  • Digitization and Software-related Services
  • Offer managing the full Tendering process till final installation and commissioning

We offer our clients a wide range of warehouse consulting services as it relates to warehouse operations. These include:

  • Warehouse area and occupancy level optimization
  • Warehouse operation process optimization
  • Warehouse operation outsourcing studies
  • Inventory Control and levels optimization
  • Item Master Cataloging and Spare Parts Categorization
  • Equipment BOM data integration
  • Assessment and optimization of Key Warehouse Operation Processes:
    • Receiving
    • Put-Away
    • Storage
    • Order Picking
    • Delivery / Dispatch
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Infrastructure Review
  • Cleanliness, Environment, and Safety

  • Warehouse Assessment

    Before OWM embark on new installation of modern storage system or renovation of existing one, we make it mandatory to walk-though and do complete study, identify today’s and future requirements. We review each process to ensure that improvement opportunities are converted to real benefits for our clients.

  • Following four key areas that are evaluated in the warehouse. They make up the most critical aspects of any fulfilment operation: These include:
    • Labor
    • Facilities
    • Workflow and procedures
    • Systems

  • Following list of functions are parts of our typical review process:
    • Use of Space, Condition of Building and Technical Installations
    • Condition and Technical State of Material Handling Equipment
    • Inventory Control Assessment
    • Inbound & Receiving Process Assessment
    • Put-Away Process Assessment
    • Storage Process Assessment
    • Restocking Process Assessment
    • Order Picking Process Assessment
    • Loading Process Assessment
    • Quality Assurance Process Assessment
    • Ancillary Processes Assessment
    • Technical Infrastructure Review
    • Supply Chain Coordination
    • Labor Assessment
    • Cleanliness, Environment, and Safety

why choose OWM Logistics ?

We strongly believe in our core values: integrity, value addition, respect and commitment that enable us to differentiate from our competitors. The foundation of our success is built upon the long-standing partnerships we have created with our customers through our commitment, consistent service delivery and ROI-driven innovative supply chain solutions.
With amalgamation of technologies, practices, skilled professionals and available equipments, we always manage to enhance accuracy on inventory, effectively manage wall-to-wall warehouse operations, takes care of in-plant-logistics, deliver materials on time, enable fast production and maintenance on-demand.