• Improved Floor Space Utilization – More efficient utilization of space, save huge money by eliminating the need to purchase extra land at high price.
  • Increase in workplace safety – AS/RS systems into your operation allows you to remove some of this unpredictable human element by replacing workers with machines that do not get tired or distracted. This can have a tremendous positive impact on an operation by increasing safety.
  • Reduced Labor Requirements and Costs - Often workers are traveling miles during a shift and that walking time translates into wasted time. In a manual operation.
  • Increased Picking Accuracy (Reduced Picking Errors) - The more manual the process, the greater the opportunity for error.
  • Improved Picking Throughput (Speed) - ASRS technologies utilize the goods to person delivery concept to eliminate walk and search time to double throughput.

why choose OWM Logistics ?

We strongly believe in our core values: integrity, value addition, respect and commitment that enable us to differentiate from our competitors. The foundation of our success is built upon the long-standing partnerships we have created with our customers through our commitment, consistent service delivery and ROI-driven innovative supply chain solutions.
With amalgamation of technologies, practices, skilled professionals and available equipments, we always manage to enhance accuracy on inventory, effectively manage wall-to-wall warehouse operations, takes care of in-plant-logistics, deliver materials on time, enable fast production and maintenance on-demand.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems ASRS

When high volumes of inventory move in-and-out of manufacturing facility or from distribution centers Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems ASRS players terrific role. Warehouse and DC mostly utilize ASRS for goods-to-Person picking, dynamic replenishment and Order consolidation and for manufacturing facility ASRS mostly used for Sequence Buffering, Kitting Operations, Work in Progress (WIP) or storage of a finished products.

ASRS typically replace large areas of shelving to save floor space, improve safety and increase productivity, allows proper utilization of space by saving it, increase throughput and efficiency within the warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Automated storage and retrieval system can benefit Ecommerce, and Omni-Channel operations across manufacturing, food & beverage, FMCG, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution Centers, Fulfilment Centers medical & pharmaceutical, apparel etc.