RTLS- Real Time Locationing System

OWM Technology & Automation team has identified possible use cases for RTLS in warehousing Industry:

  • Inventory Accuracy

    For all the large and growing companies inventory accuracy is always vital important, the real challenge is to achieve it well. Technology like RTLS can help you achieve and maintain accuracy upto 99.9% without the cumbersome, laborious and expensive inventory audits, which takes hours or days. RTLS provides can provide you real-time pallet location within minutes.

    Besides, currently locations, RTIL can provide you the history of inventory travels across the various locations of warehouse. Potential efficiency saving of up to 15 seconds on every pallet move by eliminating the need to manually scan a barcode each time pallet is picked up or dropped.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Shop-Floor staffs and driver movement and tracking, RTLS helps you track the movement of person as well, having access to real-time staff and driver movement information means you can work with your staff to continually refine and improve performance that benefits both the staff and your business.

    Using RTLS provides real-time, factual driver and pallet information enabling you to see exactly where and how time is being wasted or lost. This allows you to make efficiency changes you know will work. It also helps drivers to reduce the amount of time they waste searching for pallet and locations as real-time location information is instantly available to them.

  • Improving Safety

    RTLS provide you with all the required information you need to find the root cause of any accident, whether it’s assigning accountability or redirecting your warehouse flow to eliminate accident prone hot spots. For example, utilizing driver data to understand how and why an accident has occurred. By Analyzing route history and speed data it becomes easy to work out what went wrong and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Covid19 – Social Distancing

    After 2020 the entire warehouse industries including others introduced practices and rules to accomplish their business operations considering covid19 and pandemic situations. The ability to provide history and exact position of an object and person enable RTLS technology to be recognized as much required technology in warehouse space. As it can inform and alert if social distancing is not being followed within the team or by a person.


  • Real-Time Location
  • Position and Movement Monitoring
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Improve Safety
  • Fast, Accurate and Trustworthy
  • History and Massive Data
  • Give Analytics of entire operations

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Real-time locationing system

A Real Time Location System (RTLS) has ability to automatically tracks the position and movement of an object within the RTLS zone. It is gaining fastest adaption by warehousing industries across the globe as it maximizes overall value and efficiency of warehouse.

It has been noticed a massive waste in warehouse each year due to unproductive workflows, result in losses to company’s bottom line profit. RTLS provides immediate real time feedback on anything from the route used by forklift drivers and the speed they travel at to the exact location of pallets and forklifts.