Industry- Cold Storage

Few of our special concern for pharmaceutical products handling are:

  • Cold Storage, Warehousing
  • Transpiration Management ( FTL, LCL, Distribution)
  • Fully management cold supply chain solutions
  • Route Optimization & Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Voice Picking & Distribution

why choose OWM Logistics ?

We strongly believe in our core values: integrity, value addition, respect and commitment that enable us to differentiate from our competitors. The foundation of our success is built upon the long-standing partnerships we have created with our customers through our commitment, consistent service delivery and ROI-driven innovative supply chain solutions.
With amalgamation of technologies, practices, skilled professionals and available equipments, we always manage to enhance accuracy on inventory, effectively manage wall-to-wall warehouse operations, takes care of in-plant-logistics, deliver materials on time, enable fast production and maintenance on-demand.

Cold Storage

When it comes to managing cold chain, it is always crucial to protect and meet the demands of the supply chain. OWM continues to improve skills and technologies to keep up temperature monitoring, improve transportation management system and enhance productivity of warehouse operation with best practice, equipment, warehouse management and automation systems.

Handling and storing perishable goods requires continually improvement and commitment to uplift the operations and meet customer’s needs.

Refrigerated (LTL) shipping are specialized LTL freight services requiring unique expertise as a transporter. LTL freight can range in weight from 100 pounds and up. These shipments provide cost savings for the shipper and are an ideal solution for managed transportation freight budgets. We can ship Cold LTL freight anywhere in Jharkhand, Odisa, Bihar & West Bangel. We have a team of seasoned cold ltl freight experts that are available to find the best options regarding your ltl freight.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge regarding best ways to ship, monitoring options and best practices for getting your product where it needs to go, safely and in the best condition. Our high volume of shipments is how we keep expenses low for our customers.

OWM utilize a carefully examined, top-tier carrier network to get your goods delivered safely and securely to its desired destination. Our motto is to provide our customers piece of mind by delivery secure and safe goods.