OWM Warehousing

Translating your warehouse into a true scalable warehouse - OWM Warehousing and solutions

OWM provides end to end warehouse operation services that have 25% min. cost efficiency, excellent operational efficiency, high level of customer satisfaction, and impressive inventory accuracy of International benchmarking level. Our team promotes High Health Safety and Environment performances with seamless support to maintenance and manufacturing process

A well and systematically run warehouse operation is always a crucial subject for your business competitiveness. You need highly talented team to observe day to day challenges and introduce ability to optimize overall your warehouse operations, giving you visibility across the warehouse and goods movement, introduces big potential cost-saving methodologies by improving continues process, adapting technologies and performing warehouse operations with best suited material handling equipments.

We walk towards you to operate your complete warehouse with industry best & talented professionals, long expertise, well-suited technologies, industry best practices and widely used equipments, we take care of your warehouse right from receiving inbound, inspections, put away, cycle count, picking and dispatching internally or for outside customers.

When we takeover our customers warehouse, we ensure we should reduce costs, improve internal and external customers services, deliver measurable efficiency gains across logistics chain.

If you have wall-to-wall warehouse management, new warehousing set-up need, discuss with our experts and allow us to carry out a full review of your requirements and then design and deliver the optimum warehouse solutions for your business.

OWM warehouse solutions & services highlights

  • Inventory Planning, Receiving & Put away
  • Intermediate Inventory
  • Spares and consumables warehousing
  • Raw materials handling
  • Intermediate and finished goods
  • Physical Warehousing
  • Inventory Management and Inventory Replenishment
  • Fast & Accurate with Bar code & RF system
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increase warehouse turnover
  • Providing Value Added Services like labelling, Packing, Kitting & More
  • Bar-Coded Pick and Pack, mobile or RF scanning
  • Utilize warehouse space efficiently
  • Optimize and manage inventories

why choose OWM Logistics ?

We strongly believe in our core values: integrity, value addition, respect and commitment that enable us to differentiate from our competitors. The foundation of our success is built upon the long-standing partnerships we have created with our customers through our commitment, consistent service delivery and ROI-driven innovative supply chain solutions.
With amalgamation of technologies, practices, skilled professionals and available equipments, we always manage to enhance accuracy on inventory, effectively manage wall-to-wall warehouse operations, takes care of in-plant-logistics, deliver materials on time, enable fast production and maintenance on-demand.