Barcode and RFID


Usually inbound pallets, cases and items used barcodes at receiving dock, warehouse inbound worker has to scan them individually. When it comes to RFID based receiving, all those items can be read all at once by RFID reader at receiving dock and updates the warehouse management system. It takes hours to individually scan, count and short the inbound materials, with an RFID auto identification the same process can be performed in much lesser time.


To achieve more accuracy and streamline inbound, put away and outbound processes, it always advisable to do the item level tagging at manufacturing point.


  • Improve inventory accuracy Improve receiving efficiency and accuracy as well as picking and ordering accuracy.
  • Track & Trace Made Easy. Accessing to real-time information ensures that the right shipment is delivered to the right dock and loaded onto the right truck .
  • Advanced data capture capabilities, such as imaging, can provide proof of condition for returns records, eliminating potential customer disputes.
  • Reduced labor costs by reducing the workforce needed for tracking and warehouse management.
  • Reduction in order entry errors (less manual intervention) & improved employee productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, delivery the right materials at right customers in expected time.
  • Reduce out-of-stock and unsalable items – Lower and leaner levels of inventory will translate to quicker inventory turns and little to no stagnant stock.

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RFID- Radio Frequency Based Identification System

Automation Division and OWM core responsibility to understand the nature of warehouse and transportation business based on the industry and size, then recommend and implement the automation & technologies like Barcode, RFID, Mobility, Voice Picking ASRS etc.

Visibility within the supply chain is key to success, weather it is your warehouse dock or inside the four wall of your distribution centers, improvement of productivity and enhancing efficiency is crucial.

RFID Technology and its adoption has gain massive popularity within the Supply Chain industry, warehouse and distribution centers gain operational efficiency and enhance productivity using RFID – Radio Frequency Identification.